Register for disability services

To assist you to study independently, you can access disability services and arrange adjustments. This may include flexibility in assignment deadlines and alternative arrangements for exams. An adviser may also make suggestions when they meet with you.

Disability Support Services assists students with disabilities, mental health conditions and on-going medical conditions. This includes students with learning difficulties, short-term injuries and students on the Autism Spectrum.

How to register

Step 1

Download our registration form (pdf, 0.13 mb) and have it completed and signed by a qualified health professional (with expertise in the relevant field). If you have a learning disability, you will need to have a detailed adult assessment and report completed by a qualified educational or neuro-psychologist. This form may not be completed by a relative or close family friend, due to a potential conflict of interest.

Step 2

Once you’ve had the registration form completed, please contact us to make an appointment to see a Disability Adviser.

Make sure you bring your completed registration form and any other supporting documentation to your appointment. We can usually see you within a few days and the appointment with a Disability Adviser may take up to an hour but is usually less than that. You’ll then be registered with Disability Support Services and eligible for services within two business days after your appointment.

Please be aware that registration with Disability Support Services and discussions with Disability Advisers remain private and information will not be released or shared without your permission. If you register with us, it isn’t recorded on your academic record.

Other documents

Alternatively, you can provide original documents on:

  • the nature of your disability (if you have a learning disability, you'll need to provide a full psychological assessment)
  • whether your disability is short-term, fluctuating or permanent
  • how your disability affects your study
  • arrangements recommended for you
  • any previous arrangements made for you at school or university
  • how long your documentation is valid for.

Email all documents to


Details of your disability and registration are securely maintained by Disability Support Services and will not be disclosed to other areas of the University without your consent. For more information regarding privacy, please refer to the Disability Support Services Privacy Statement. Your registration with Disability Support Services will not be noted on your academic transcript.