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Earth, Atmosphere and Environment

From the red plains of Broken Hill to Antarctica, we study the Earth’s core, its atmosphere and everything in between. A new, hands-on way to explore and learn earth sciences.

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Nuclear technology unlocks 50-million-year-old time capsules

A scientific analysis of fossilised tree resin has caused a rethink of Australia’s prehistoric ecosystem, and could pave the way to recovering more preserved palaeobiological artefacts from the time of dinosaurs or prehistoric mammals.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment

Volcanoes: forecasting eruptions an inexact science


Volcanoes are majestic in appearance and the largest mountains on our planet. Measured from the seafloor, Hawaii’s Big Island is taller than Mt Everest. From the tropical islands of Hawaii to the snow-covered, iconic peaks at Mt Fuji, Mt Ruhapehu or Mt. Kilimanjaro, the fire-spitting mountains have a spiritual connection with those who settled on their flanks for thousands of years.

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Mining’s new fly-in fly-out workers

Artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced vision systems and drone-building are redefining one of the oldest sciences – geology.

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Early global greenhouse event gave rise to fire-adapted trees

Conifers that were living at the South Pole show an extreme adaptation to forest fires.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment
Tropical thunderstorm

Global warming predicted to trigger more frequent and intense thunderstorms in the tropics

Some of the world’s most intense thunderstorms occur in the tropics and subtropics but until now the relationship between such storms and climate change has been uncertain.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment
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