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From the red plains of Broken Hill to Antarctica, we study the Earth’s core, its atmosphere and everything in between. A new, hands-on way to explore and learn earth sciences.

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Brewster Glacier in New Zealand

Extreme glacier melt is due to human greenhouse emissions, study finds

An international study involving a Monash climate scientist has revealed a strong link between human greenhouse gas emissions and the increased melting of glaciers.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment

The Australian fires: Understanding the causes and long-term impact of the bushfires.


This episode of A Different Lens looks at the lasting and far-reaching impact of the past summer's devastating Australian bushfires. Monash academics from various disciplines offer insights into what caused the "megafires", how communities and businesses are trying to recover, the environmental devastation, and, where to from here? They also shed light on how climate change played a role in the severity of the bushfires.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 29 January 2020

Reef sand dissolving quicker than previously thought, study warns

A new international study led by Monash University climate scientists has found reef sand is dissolving much quicker than previously thought due to the impact of microbes.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 1 January 1970

International study sheds new light on the transformation of the Earth’s crust

An international study led by Monash University has revealed a new mechanism that may have changed the state of the Earth’s crust some 2.5 billion years ago.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 1 January 1970
Fossil frozen behavior

Monash led international study reveals major new Australian fossil discovery

Monash palaeontologists have identified the oldest known animals and plants in Australia preserved in amber.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment
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