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Schools in Science


The School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment has an extensive and highly successful research program, which looks at everything from the Earth's core to the atmosphere.

Our Research Strengths are in Atmosphere and Climate, Geography and Environment and Solid Earth

Atmosphere and Climate

Atmosphere and Climate focuses on three research themes, which covers boundary layers, climate change, clouds, convection, aerosols (including cloud seeding), mesoscale meteorology, numerical modelling, tropical meteorology, and bushfires and fire weather.




Geography and Environment

Geography and Environment focuses on two research themes which covers urban climate adaptation, climate impacts and atmosphere-biosphere interactions), fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, soil science and soil chemistry, palaeoecology, GIS and remote sensing.



Solid Earth

Solid Earth Research focuses on four research themes which covers geodynamics, structural geology and structural geophysics, pure and applied geochemistry, economic geology, hydrogeology, environmental mineralogy, volcanology and applied palaeontology (basin analysis).

Structure and Dynamics of the Earth's Crust

Simulation of Earth's Processes

Minerals Metals and Energy

Deep Earth and Planetary Science