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The high-impact weather and climate group performs research on extreme weather and climate events including heatwaves, tropical cyclones, severe storms, extreme rainfall and drought. The group examines all aspects of these events including their underlying physical processes, their variability and change over time and the ability of weather and climate models to simulate these extrema.

Research staff

Dr Ailie Gallant

Processes causing variability and change in drought and extreme heat, extreme event attribution.

Dr Hamish Ramsay

Tropical cyclone dynamics, severe storms.

Prof Neville Nicholls

El Niño Southern Oscillation and high-impact weather and climate events, variability and change in climate extremes.

Prof Michael Reeder

Dynamics of heatwaves, extreme rainfall, tropical cyclones.

Dr Jennifer Catto

Extreme precipitation from fronts and extratropical cyclones, simulation of midlatitude weather systems in climate models.

Recent Publications


Gallant, A. J. E. and S. C. Lewis 2016: Stochastic and anthropogenic influences on repeated record-breaking temperature extremes in Australian spring of 2013 and 2014. Geophysical Research Letters, doi: 10.1002/2016GL067740.


Crimp S, Bakar KS, Kokic P, Jin W, Nicholls N and Howden M, 2015. Bayesian space-time model to analyse frost risk for agriculture in southeast Australia. Int. J. Climatology, 35, 2092-2108.

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Recent Grants

Megadrought likelihood and its water resource impacts in Australia, ARC Linkage Project (2015), CIs: Prof David Karoly, Dr Joelle Gergis, Dr Murray Peel, Dr Ailie Gallant, Dr Rory Nathan

Rethinking Australian drought risk, its long-term variability and processes, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2015), CI: Dr Ailie Gallant

Extratropical cyclones and their associated precipitation: understanding, model evaluation and future projections, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2014), CI: Dr Jennifer Catto