Large-scale climate variability and change

The large-scale climate variability and change group deals with all aspects of climate or weather variability that is longer than a week and involves regional scales larger than 1000km. We address questions such as: How does a tropical cyclone in the Indian Ocean lead to heat waves in Melbourne or how  does changes in the ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic affect our rainfall patterns in Australia or what is causing a decade of drought. This also involves understanding and simulating the global climate response to anthropogenic climate change, and understanding the drivers of the recent hiatus  in global surface warming. We deal with a wide range of methods from theoretical considerations, to data analysis of observations and simulations to modelling of the climate over the full range of complexities and scales.

Research Team


Dietmar Dommenget

Large-scale Climate Dynamics, Climate Modelling, El Nino, Modes of Variability, Climate Change.
9905 4495


Michael Reeder

Dynamics of the Hadley and Walker circulations, monsoon variability, tropical rainfall
9905 4464


Ailie Gallant

Australian and Southern Hemisphere climate variability, variability in atmospheric teleconnections, Australian extremes and climate change.
9905 3216


Julie Arblaster

Large scale climate dynamics, El Nino, Southern Annular Mode, Antarctic sea ice, decadal variability.
9905 4411

Professor Neville Nicholls

El Niño-Southern Oscillation
9902 0111


Shayne McGregor

El Nino dynamics and predictability, Pacific decadal variability, Interbasin connectivity, the recent hiatus in global warming, the impact of explosive volcanism.
9902 0423

Dr Martin Singh

Influence of warming on large-scale atmospheric dynamics, tropical climate change.
9902 0421