Prof. Christian Jakob - Honours Projects

Cloud trends over Australia in long-term satellite records

Supervisor: Prof Christian Jakob
Field of Study: Atmospheric Science and Climate
Support Offered: Potential for an Honours scholarship
Collaborating Organisation: ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

Australia’s busiest area of air traffic is the region stretching from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne and on to Adelaide. In summer this region is frequently experiencing thunderstorms, which often disrupt flight operations both on the ground and in the air.

In this project we will be using a new Australia-wide data set derived from weather radars, that will enable us to create a climatology not only of the occurrence of thunderstorms, but also their vertical extent, thereby creating the first ever three-dimensional picture of the influence they have on the airspace in question.

For this project you will require both basic programming and data analysis skills. Your tasks will include creating a basic climatology of thunderstorm occurrence and depth as well as special analyses of the data at special points of interest, such as major airports in the region. If successful, your work will directly influence planning at some of the major Australian airlines

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