Dr. Andrew Frierdich - Honours Projects

Sustainable mining of critical metals.

Supervisors: Andrew Frierdich and Jessica Hamilton (Australian Synchrotron, ANSTO)
Field of study: Geochemistry, Sustainable Mining, Economic Geology
Support Offered: Laboratory supplies and analytical costs
Collaborating organisation(s): 

Critical metals such as nickel and cobalt are essential raw materials for energy storage and renewable energy technologies. Mining them in a more sustainable way is equally important. In this project, you will develop treatment strategies to couple critical metal recovery with CO2 sequestration. The project will involve 1) geochemical and mineralogical characterisation of a range of ore materials including mine waste rock, 2) leaching experiments to optimise the process, and 3) potential synchrotron analysis. The outcomes of the study will help to optimise treatment conditions with an aim to recover valuable critical metals in a carbon-neutral way.

Industry support: Provision of samples

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