Dr. Felicity McCormack

Internal layer tracing for deriving paleo accumulation rates in East Antarctica

Supervisor: Felicity McCormack
Field of Study: Ice sheet modelling; geophysical fluid dynamics; Antarctica
Support Offered: No fieldwork costs involved. Desk based research; will require own laptop

Internal layers within the Antarctic Ice Sheet are layers of constant age (isochrones), representing past ice sheet surfaces that have been compacted over thousands of years. Through isochrone tracing, we can constrain past snowfall accumulation rates and ice sheet dynamics, and inform future projections of Antarctic Ice Sheet mass loss. This project will use ice-penetrating radar surveys of East Antarctica to extract isochrone geometries. Past accumulation rates will be derived through dating of these isochrones against ice core data, with the aid of an ice sheet model to constrain unknown ice sheet parameters.

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Both projects are predominantly ice sheet modelling studies and familiarity with scientific computing languages (Matlab, python, C/C++, fortran) would be highly advantageous.