Dr. Richard Jones Honours Projects

Evaluating the role of bed topography in controlling past ice sheet retreat in Antarctica

Supervisor: Richard Jones (Monash Ice Sheet Initiative)
Field of study: Geomorphology/Glaciology
Support offered: NA
Collaborating organisation: NA
Preferred program: Honours or Masters

The Antarctic Ice Sheet is currently losing mass and will be a major source of global sea-level rise by 2100. Variations in the topography of the bed beneath the ice sheet -- including over deepened basins, shallow benches, mounts and narrow troughs -- will impact how quickly future ice sheet retreat will occur. The student will 1) apply spatial analysis techniques using GIS software to quantify characteristics of Antarctic bed topography (e.g. bed roughness, slope), and 2) compare these characteristics against historical and geological records of past ice sheet retreat to identify the relative importance of different bed characteristics. The project will lead to a new understanding of how bed topography could reduce or enhance future ice sheet retreat in Antarctica.

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