Prof. Steven Siems - Honours Projects

Mixing across the Atmosphere over the Southern Ocean

Supervisor: Steve Siems & Francisco Lang
Field of Study: Atmospheric Science
Support Offered: None
Collaborating Organisation: None
Preferred Program: Standard honours

Persistent large biases in the radiation and water budgets over the Southern Ocean (SO) exist in climate simulations and reanalysis products and have been linked to the ubiquitous cloud cover over this region. In response, the international scientific community has undertaken multiple field campaigns over the region over the past five years, producing an unprecedented collection of in situ observations.

We have recently analysed 2186 atmospheric soundings across the domain, identifying seven unique clusters of the thermodynamic state of the atmosphere.

In this project, you will analyse numerical back (and forward) trajectories to better understand the air mass origin and evolution for these clusters. This analysis will be used to study a number of regional phenomena including atmospheric rivers to Antarctica, the evolution of bushfire plumes over the SO and generation of pristine clean air masses.

Honours 2020_Siems_PowerPoint

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