Environmental Geochemistry


We study the biogeochemical processes at the Earth's surface and the interactions between the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and soils. Our research focuses on:

  • Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and pollutants
  • Geochemistry of rocks, soils, sediments and regolith
  • Groundwater systems and groundwater–surface water interaction
  • Remediation of degraded and contaminated industrial sites and landscapes
  • Sequestration of CO2 in soil carbon and minerals
  • The impacts of human activities on biogeochemical and physical processes
  • Astrobiology and the geochemistry of planetary surfaces

Research Team

Prof Ian Cartwright
Application of geochemical tracers to understand processes in groundwater and surface water systems

Dr Andrew Frierdich
Spectroscopy and isotope geochemistry to understand how biogeochemical processes control the composition of minerals and aqueous fluids on the modern and early Earth. To learn more about Andrew's research please visit the Monash Environmental Geochemistry and Geochemical Analysis (MEGGA) Group website.

Dr Simon Jowitt
Soil geochemistry for mineral exploration and assessing the environmental impact of resource extraction.

Dr Bree Morgan
Investigating biogeochemical cycles in soils and sediments with a focus on understanding and facilitating contaminant (i.e. CO2 and trace metals) trapping in minerals. Also see EGEL.

Dr Sasha Wilson
Tracing and tailoring nutrient and contaminant cycling using crystal chemistry and isotope geochemistry with a focus on biomineralisation, astrobiology and sequestration of CO2 and metals.
To see what Sasha and her team are doing see their research group website, "THE EGEL AT MONASH UNIVERSITY" (Environmental Geochemistry Experimental Laboratory).

Dr Vanessa Wong
Land and water management impacts, soil biogeochemical processes,soil-water interactions