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The remote sensing and GIS team uses both satellite and airborne remote sensing platforms (including UAV), many remote sensing systems (such as multispectral, hyperspectral, lidar, radar and phototelemetry), and GIS, to examine geographical aspects of the Earth's natural and human systems.

Research Team

Dr Xuan Zhu
GIS and remote sensing with special interests in their applications in regional sustainable development, landscape evaluation, environmental decision analysis and modelling, and urban mining.

Prof Nigel Tapper

Recent Publications

Zhu, X. and Yu, X.2016. Above-ground resource analysis with spatial resolution to support betterdecision making. Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy. DOI:10.1007/s40831-016-0049-5.

Xie, H., Zhu, X. andYuan, D.Y. 2015. Pan evaporation modelling and changing attribution analysis onthe Tibetan Plateau (1970–2012). Hydrological Processes, Vol. 29, pp.2164–2177.

Mingxing, H., Jiang,W. and Zhu, X.. 2015. Exploration of the spatial pattern of urban residentialland use with geographically weighted regression technique: a case study ofNanjing, China, Journal of Southeast University (English Edition), vol 31,issue 1, Dongnan Daxue/Southeast University, Nanjing Jiangsu China, pp. 149-156.

Zhu, X. 2014. GIS andurban mining. Resources, Vol.3, No.1, pp.235-247.

Islam, T.,Srivastava, P.K., Gupta, M., Zhu, X., Mukherjee, S. (Eds.). 2014. ComputationalIntelligence Techniques in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Springer,Dordrecht.

Zhu, X. 2014.Computational intelligence techniques and applications. In: Islam, T.,Srivastava, P.K., Gupta, M., Zhu, X., Mukherjee, S. (Eds.), ComputationalIntelligence Techniques in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Springer,Dordrecht, pp.3-26.

Chen, Y. and Zhu, X.2013. An integrated GIS tool for automatic forest inventory estimates of Pinusradiata from LiDAR data. GIScience & Remote Sensing, Vol.50, No.6, pp.667-689.

Xie, H. and Zhu, X.2013. Reference evaportranspiration trends and their sensitivity to climaticchange on the Tibetan Plateau (1970 – 2009). Hydrological Processes, Vol.27,No.25, pp. 3685–3693.

Zhu X., 2013, Landcover classification using moderate resolution satellite imagery and randomforests with post-hoc smoothing. Journal of Spatial Science. Vol. 58, No. 2,323–337

Ahmed B, KamruzzamanM, Zhu X, Rahman MS, Choi K. 2013. Simulating land cover changes and theirimpacts on land surface temperature in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Remote Sensing.5(11):5969-5998.

Ahmed, B., Ahmed, R.and Zhu, X. 2013. Evaluation of model validation techniques in land coverdynamics. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. Vol.2, No.3,pp.577-597.

Recent Grants

Kodikara, J., Bui,H., Walker, J., Zhu, X. and Powell, C. Innovative Integrated tool forcost-effective management of water pipe networks. Smart Water Fund, 2013 -2017, $400,000 (AUD).

Lane, R., Zhu, X.,Mudd, G. and Gumley, W. Mapping, characterising and valuing the resource forrecycling and evaluating collection Systems. CSIRO Flagship CollaborationResearch Fund, 2013 - 2016, $538,000 (AUD).

Porter, E., Zhu, X.and Sabatini, F. Who owns the sustainable city? Urban redevelopment,sustainability and the politics of property rights in Australia, Brazil andChile. ARC DP140102851, 2014 - 2016.