Breastfeeding at Work and Parenting Rooms

We support women who continue to breastfeed on their return from maternity leave.

The key elements of support that breastfeeding mothers require on their return to work are:

1. Private space
We provide suitable parenting rooms to breastfeed, express and store breast milk. Dedicated parenting rooms are available on all Monash campuses and other workplace locations.

2. Time
Staff who are breastfeeding may seek flexible work arrangements to balance their work and breastfeeding/expressing requirements. We also provide reasonable flexibility for staff to take paid lactation breaks during work hours. This may include flexible start and finish times, time off to express milk or breastfeed at a child care centre or in one of our suitable parenting facilities.

3. Support
We pride ourselves in being a family friendly workplace. Our Breastfeeding procedure articulates the University's commitment to providing a supportive environment to enable women to continue to breastfeed.

Find out parenting room locations.

Mobile Mother’s Kit

We understand that in some cases parenting facilities may not meet your requirements to regularly express breast milk in privacy during work hours. The ‘Mobile Mother’s Kit’, available through Monash HR, contains an armchair with a footrest, a mini bar fridge to store breast milk and a lockable cabinet to store items such as breast pumps.

In discussion with your supervisor a suitable space can be identified closer to your work areas and fitted with the necessary items to support you in breastfeeding/expressing.