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Supporting Parents

  • The Working Parent Resilience Program

    We are committed to supporting staff with caring responsibilities, recognising the challenges of family demands and their impact on career goals. This program aims to equip you with strategies to create greater control over your day-to-day life and align your personal and professional life after having children. (Login required)

  • Managing Transition To Parental Leave

    We recognise that transition to parenthood requires planning and preparation and that bringing a new child home leads to a change of priorities. This program is designed to support staff in managing expectations of self and others before commencing parental leave.

  • Managing transition from parental leave to work

    Supporting new parents on their return to work means recognising the significance of this transition, the dual role it creates and the shift of priorities. This program covers typical challenges and concerns experienced by parents and carers on their return from parental leave and strategies to manage these.

  • Expectant and New Parents Guide

    To guide you through the relevant policies, procedures and support structures available to expectant and new parents at Monash University, please download Expectant and New Parents' Guide (pdf)

  • Supporting spouses and domestic partners

    Supporting your partner during this time and adjusting to this change in your life can be challenging at times.  Monash supports staff whose spouses or domestic partners are the birth or adoptive parents of children through paid leave entitlements and other support mechanisms, such as Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • Supporting new fathers in the workplace

    Becoming a parent is a time of transition and transformation. Modern dads are spending more time with their children and learning to manage the competing demands of their career and family. If you have recently become a father (or a caregiver), find out more how you can benefit from this program.

  • Parental Leave Entitlements

    We are committed to supporting staff with family responsibilities and to promoting equal opportunity and equity in employment. We provide expectant parents with leave opportunities to attend pre-natal medical visits and offer generous parental leave entitlements for parents as well as eligible primary caregivers to care for newborn or adopted children.

  • Flexible Work Options

    We have a number of policies and procedures in place to promote workplace flexibility and to facilitate the successful combination of work and family responsibilities. Prior to returning to work from parental leave, eligible staff can request a flexible work arrangement.

  • Breastfeeding Mothers

    We support women who continue to breastfeed on their return from maternity leave. This includes flexibility to take paid lactation breaks, access to suitable parenting facilities and when required, the option to book a portable ‘New mother’s kit’.

    For a list of parenting facilities at Monash, please click here.

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    Monash Childcare

    Monash is committed to support staff and students with family responsibilities. 

    For the Monash Childcare Centres list, organising a tour of the facilities, or to get further information about the services provided, please click here.

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    Manager Training for Flexible Workforces

    Flexibility is a strong factor in recruitment and retention of staff. Managers and team leaders play a critical role in facilitating workplace flexibility and translating flexible work procedures into practice. The training aims to equip managers with strategies to create successful, engaged and productive flexible teams. Register to attend (login required)

  • Contact us

    For more information about support for new and expectant parents or other gender equity strategies and programs, please email us at