Athena SWAN at Monash

We signed up to Athena SWAN principles in 2015. Our participation in this program aligns closely with our strategic goals to be excellent and inclusive as articulated in Focus Monash, the University’s 2015-2020 strategic plan. Underpinning strategies are to attract and retain successful academic women in STEMM disciplines, and to further promote an inclusive workplace culture for people irrespective of their gender, cultural background, sexuality, disability, ethnicity or religion.

Monash has made demonstrable improvements in gender equity, but change isn’t happening fast enough, particularly in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). As Science in Australia Gender Equality (SAGE) states, “Women comprise more than half of science PhD graduates and early career researchers, but just 17% of senior academics in Australian universities and research institutes. The loss of so many women scientists is a significant waste of expertise, talent and investment, and this impacts our nation’s scientific productivity.”

Our journey

Following a two year mandatory self-assessment period, we submitted our inaugural application for Athena SWAN Bronze Award as part of Cohort 1 in March 2018. We are proud to be one of the 15 inaugural winners of the Athena SWAN Bronze Award in Australia, announced in December 2018.

In developing our submission for this award, the Monash Athena SWAN Committee, in collaboration with STEMM academics, action teams and other staff embarked on a reflective analysis of our staff profile, policies, procedures, practices and cultures. This culminated in the development of a comprehensive four-year action plan to drive the advancement of women and diversity in STEMM.

Find out what actions we are taking to address the identified gaps and opportunities.

Read a summary of the Monash University Athena SWAN Action Plan 2018-2021 [pdf].