Athena SWAN Steering Group


Monash University Athena SWAN Steering Group was first established as the Athena SWAN Committee in January 2016 under the leadership of Professor John Carroll, Dean Biomedical Sciences. The Steering Group reports to the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Senior Vice-President.

The purpose of the Athena SWAN Steering Group is to:

a) Oversee, prepare and submit Monash University’s Bronze Award application
b) Oversee the implementation of Monash University Athena SWAN Action Plan (2018-2021)
c) Oversee, prepare and submit Monash University’s Silver Award application (2022-2025)
d) Continue driving positive change in advancing gender equality, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives across the University, and to contribute to the implementation of the Gender Equality Action Plan (2022-2025).


We are a diverse group of individuals representing all levels of the academic community, ranging from a postgraduate student to Associate Deans, as well as representatives from Human Resources and Strategic Communication. Steering Group members also represent an appropriate balance of STEMM disciplines, gender, career stages as well as cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Chair, Athena SWAN Steering Group

Laura Jobson

A/Prof Laura Jobson

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health 
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences



Christen Mirth

Edwina McGlinn

Prof Maria Garcia de la Banda
Information Technology

A/Prof Christen Mirth
Associate Dean Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

A/Prof Edwina McGlinn
EMBL Australia Group Leader,
Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute

Sudha Mokhapati

Prof Umesh Sharma

Yolande Stengers 2

A/Prof Sudha Mokkapati
Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Prof Umesh Sharma
Associate Dean Equity and Inclusion

Prof Yolande Strengers
Associate Dean Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Information Technology

Nick McGuigan

Maria Rost Rublee

Vaughan Macefield

Prof Nick McGuigan
Director of  Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion
Monash Business School

A/Prof Maria Rost Rublee
Deputy Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Prof Vaughan Macefield
Central Clinical School


Anne Fletcher Betty Exintaris Stephen Gray 

A/Prof Anne Fletcher
Chair, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Dr Betty Exintaris
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education (PPSEd)

Dr Stephen Gray
Director Indigenous, Equity and Diversity

Susie Ho Belinda Gabbe  

A/Prof Susie Siew Yuen Ho
Monash Innovation Guarantee
Office of the DVC

Prof Belinda Gabbe

Chair, STEMM Women Academic Network

Postgraduate student representative

Dr Grace Lee Hooi Yean  Dr Susilawati   

Prof Grace Lee Hooi Yean
School of Business 
Monash Malaysia

Dr Susilawati
Civil Engineering (Transport)
School of Engineering
Monash Malaysia


Lucie Joschko

Anthea Hall

Meleea Tomlinson 1

Dr Lucie Joschko
Director, Staff Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Anthea Hall
Senior Advisor, Staff Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Meleea Tomlinson
Senior Engagement and Event Coordinator


The Steering Group will:

(i) Formulate and drive the implementation of Athena SWAN initiatives while taking into consideration the wider context of Monash University gender equity strategy.
(ii) Coordinate the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to identify challenges and opportunities that will feed into action planning and advancing gender equality across the University.
(iii) Oversee, monitor and report on progress of Athena SWAN-led actions and initiatives.
(iv) Support faculties in developing and implementing activities aimed at advancing gender equality and inclusive culture.
(v) Facilitate information sharing within faculties and act as a channel for communication with senior management on gender equity matters as well as diversity and inclusion more broadly.

Terms of Reference 2022 [692kb, PDF]