Workplace Flexibility for Parents

Workplace flexibility is one of the key enablers of gender equality.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place to promote workplace flexibility and assist you with the successful combination of work and family commitments. This is particularly important for staff who are expecting or adopting a child and those returning to work from a period of parental leave. Flexible working arrangements typically encompass changes to the standard hours, patterns and locations of work.

Seeking workplace flexibility

If you identify a need for greater balance between your work and family commitments, we encourage you to discuss flexible working arrangements with your supervisor, including the choice of working days, hours and the option of working from home.

To find out how to initiate a request for flexible work, please refer to Flexible Working Arrangements Policy [PDF]

The role of managers and supervisors

Supervisors play a critical role in supporting staff with caregiving responsibilities and fostering an inclusive workplace culture. They also from the vital link in facilitating workplace flexibility and translating work procedures into practice.

We offer training designed to equip managers with strategies to create successful, engaged and productive flexible teams.

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