4.1 Types of leave

4.1 Types of leave

Students applying for leave need to consider the impact of that leave in relation to any program requirements. Leave of absence/intermissions in the first or last six months of candidature will not normally be approved.

Where coursework applies, students are strongly encouraged to discuss with  their Faculty the implications of any coursework unit discontinuations on course progression. For  example, some doctoral and research master's degrees require students to  complete coursework and/or skills training as a pre-requisite to a milestone  such as Confirmation of Candidature, the Mid Candidature Review / Progress Review or the  Pre-Submission Seminar / Final Review; some coursework may also have pre-requisite or  co-requisite conditions. 

If a student's leave application is approved, any current  coursework enrolment will need be discontinued. Depending upon when this leave  is applied for, one of the following scenarios applies:

  • If a student applies for leave before the census date, any enrolled units will have the status of "Withdrawn early". An exception is "Withdrawn no load", which applies to some teaching periods.
  • If a student applies for leave after the census date but before the withdrawn fail date, any enrolled units will have the status of 'Withdrawn Late'.
  • Where a student applies for leave after the withdrawn fail date, any enrolled units will show 'Withdrawn Fail'.

Students are not to continue research towards, or writing  of, the thesis during a period of approved leave. Nonetheless they are still  considered a student of the University during this period, and in order to  maintain their enrolment, must observe the scheduled re-enrolment dates for  the following year, and maintain their address details at all times via the my.monash portal.

To apply for leave, please complete the Changes to Enrolment/Scholarship Form

Backdating of changes to enrolment / scholarship


  • Monash Graduate Education (formerly MIGR) will not approve backdated variation requests.
  • Students who fail to advise the University of a return  from a period of approved leave via the relevant form may have their enrolment terminated. Refer to Section 2 of the Graduate Research Termination Procedures
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that relevant documents are forwarded to the MGE Office prior to the date when the proposed change/s are to take effect, and should seek advice from their academic unit if signatures are difficult to secure.
  • Where this is not possible due to a student facing illness or exceptional personal circumstances, the academic unit (either through the main supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator/Program Director) must notify  Monash Graduate Education within 10 working days of the specific circumstances of       the student to ensure appropriate action is taken.

4.1.1 Annual leave

Doctoral students are entitled to annual leave throughout  their candidature. Full-time students are entitled to a maximum of 20 days per  annum and part-time students are entitled to a maximum of 10 days per annum,  pro rata. Annual leave can be accrued up to a maximum of 30 days for full-time  students and 15 days for part-time students. Periods of annual leave are  arranged by negotiation with the student's main supervisor. It is not necessary  for annual leave to be approved by or reported to the Graduate Research  Committee (GRC) or Monash Graduate Education. 

Scholarship awardees will continue to receive scholarship payments during a  period of annual leave.

4.1.2 Other types of leave

From  28 May 2014, the following leave provisions apply. Currently enrolled students  who have already exceeded approved leave as per the entitlements set out  below but wish to apply for further leave will be considered on a case by case  basis.

Students can apply for up to a total of 12 months leave during enrolment where they:

  • Require leave of absence e.g. personal, professional, sick or family carer’s responsibilities  for more than 10 working days at any one time in a year; and/or
  • Have been empanelled for jury service for a period longer than 5 working days

In addition, students can apply for up to 12 months parental leave, including maternity leave, adoption leave or spouse/domestic partner leave where they are the primary carer or the partner of the primary carer of a newborn/s or adopted child/ren. Parental leave of up to 12 months is available for subsequent births or adoptions. 

Any requests for leave beyond these maximum  entitlements will only be considered where compassionate or compelling  circumstances can be demonstrated. 

Please note:

  • If the student's leave coincides with current  or future enrolled coursework units, they should check any key dates, such as census and actual teaching dates,  prior to submitting their application in order to avoid academic and financial  penalties. If their application is approved, any current coursework enrolment  will be discontinued and penalties, where relevant, will appear on their  academic transcript.
  • International students on Australian student visas: A request for leave can only be approved on compassionate or compelling  grounds and may affect their visa. Students should consult with relevant staff  at Monash Connect prior to submitting their application,  ensuring they have independent supporting documentation (such as a medical  certificate) at the time of application.
  • Students are not to  continue research towards, or writing of, the thesis during a period of  approved leave. Nonetheless they are still considered a student of the  University during this period, and in order to maintain their enrolment, must observe the  scheduled re-enrolment  dates for  the following year, and maintain their address details at all times via the my.monash portal.
  • Students on approved leave must submit a Return to Study form to Monash Graduate Education prior to the leave end date. Those on a scholarship should  submit this form at least 10 working days prior to return in order for  scholarship payments to recommence.
  • General leave provisions for enrolment only and students on non-central  (departmental or faculty) scholarships are outlined in Table 1.
  • Special Leave of Absence Provisions for students who are on central scholarships such as an RTP Stipend, MGS, MIRA, MES, Monash Silver Jubilee Postgraduate Scholarship, Sir James McNeill Postgraduate Research Scholarship or the Maxwell King PhD Scholarship are outlined in Table 2.