Re-enrolling at Monash

All Graduate Research students are required to re-enrol annually at the University via the Web Enrolment System (WES). A research year is from 1 January - 31 December. To assist students in meeting this requirement, the Monash Graduate Research Office sends information and instructions about online re-enrolment to students via their Monash University student email accounts in October.

Continuing students who do not re-enrol on time will be liable for a late re-enrolment fee and may have their enrolment terminated. Please refer to the current Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations and section 2 of the Graduate Research Termination Procedures for further details.

You must re-enrol if you:

  • plan to continue study in the following year
  • are on leave but will return to study in 2023
  • are on study away
  • are enrolled as an external student
  • are under an academic progress review or reconvened milestone review
  • are enrolled in a Joint Award (e.g IITB, Warwick, SEU etc)
  • are submitting your thesis in January 2023

Re-enrolment dates

Timely re-enrolment

Monday 10 October 2022 to Friday 25 November 2022

Late re-enrolment via WES - late fee applies (late fee for Monash Malaysia students RM200)

Saturday 26 November 2022 to Friday 09 December 2022

Late re-enrolment contact MGRO - late fee applies (late fee for Monash Malaysia students RM200)

Saturday 10 December 2022 - onwards

Important note: You have not successfully re-enrolled if you have completed the Enrolment Questionnaire. A transaction number starting with 'U' will be sent to your Monash student email account if you have successfully re-enrolled. Please keep this as proof of your re-enrolment. If you do not receive a 'U' transaction number, you have not re-enrolled correctly.

Do not leave re-enrolment until the last day because:

  • we will not waive the late fee due to WES/account access problems. If you are experiencing log in issues please contact eSolutions immediately.
  • you may need to contact your faculty or supervisory team for course advice or selecting coursework units that comply with your course requirements.
  • if you fail to re-enrol or do not withdraw in good standing by Saturday 31 December 2022 you risk being terminated from your research degree.

Coursework unit information

If you are required to undertake any coursework units as part of your program, please contact your faculty to manually re-enrol you into these units. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with all course regulations and requirements, such as coursework, where applicable.


If you have an administrative encumbrance on your student record you will not be able to re-enrol. Your encumbrance will need to be resolved and removed from your record in order to regain access to services such as the Web Enrolment System (WES). Please contact Monash Connect on +61 3 9902 6011. They will advise you how to proceed.

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