Palaeontology and Basin Studies

Palaeontology and Basin Studies embrace the study of life preserved in a myriad sediments on Earth through 'deep time' by integrating geologic and palaeontologic data in 'big picture science' to explore ancient ecosystems and environments.


This dynamic group of researchers and students focuses on a diversity of global projects from petroleum industry endeavours, to ancient Australian amber, to polar greenhouse Earth biotas and environments, including long-term research in Antarctica and Chatham Islands ('Zealandia').

The Palaeontology and Basin Studies groups conduct research in the following:

If you are interested in palaeontology and want to know more, please also consider the Palaeontology research Volunteer Program. This is Australia's largest fossil preparation undergraduate volunteer program. We focus on a range of fossil material from prehistoric localities from both Australia and New Zealand. The fossils include amber, vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.