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Schools in Science


Under the banner of CReST – the Centre for Resource Science and Technology – a significant number of academics working on mineral resource geoscience, focusing particularly on understanding the fundamental geological processes that promote formation of ore deposits. Many of us focus on understanding the mantle to crustal scale geochemical processes the lead to ore localisation, and others focus on understanding the geodynamic, magmatic and structural processes that go hand in hand with the geochemistry. Some of us collaborate with metallurgists to solve problems in metal recovery, and others work on the geology of hydrocarbon and geothermal resources and nuclear waste disposal.

Research Team

Professor Sandy Cruden

The mechanics of magma emplacement; magmatic sulfide transport and deposition; 3D structural geology of ore deposits (lode gold, iron ore, magmatic sulphides, base metals); fracture network characterisation (hydrocarbon reservoir analogues, geothermal applications, radioactive waste disposal).

Professor Joel Brugger

Hydrothermal geochemistry applied to understanding ore localisation and metallurgy.

Professor Roberto Weinberg

Structural controls on gold deposits and tectonic-magmatic processes underlying porphyry deposit formation.

Professor Peter Betts

Tectonic evolution of continents and consequent large-scale metallogeny.

Professor Chris Wilson

Tectonic evolution of continents and consequent large-scale metallogeny.

Associate Professor Oliver Nebel

Isotope fractionation and redox processes that underpin ore deposit-related magma evolution.


Associate Professor Steven Micklethwaite

Structural controls on fluid flow related to gold deposits, use of UAVs in structural geology, in situ leach geochemistry.


Associate Professor Jeffrey Stilwell

Palaeontology applied to oil exploration.


Dr Andy Tomkins

Mantle and crustal scale sulfur cycling, metamorphic influences on ore genesis and ore evolution. Genesis of orogenic gold, porphyry Cu-Au, magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide systems, and mid-crustal hydrothermal U-REE.


Dr Laurent Ailleres

Structural and geodynamic controls on ore systems


Dr Andrew Frierdich

Low temperature geochemistry applied to mineral processing and early Earth environment.

Dr Drew Syverson

Hydrothermal processes in iron-oxide copper gold systems.

Dr Stefan Vollgger

Structural modelling of mineral deposits and mineral forming systems.



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Recent Grants

Advancing Mineral Exploration Models for Orogenic Gold Deposits. ARC Linkage Project (LP150100717; 2015-2019): $499,000. CIs: Dr Andy Tomkins, Prof Sandy Cruden, Dr Steve Micklethwaite, Dr Chris Wilson, Dr Roland Mass, Mr Ross Cayley, Mr Simon Hitchman, Ms Helen Gibson