Geochemistry of the Crust and Mantle

Our team is using geochemistry to trace large scale processes in the Earth’s crust and underlying mantle, and how these have varied across geological time. The focus in mantle geochemistry is on convergent plate margins and oceanic island volcanism, utilising the => IODP ( With this we aim for a better understanding of the deep Earth interior and how it is shaping our planet. Crustal processes focus on element enrichment and (re-)distribution in the crust (up to ore quality), including melt compositions and the chemistry and physical properties of volcanic eruptions. Samples and study areas range in age from the early Archean to the present day and in size from the mineral to the craton scale. The crust-mantle interface is one of the foci of our studies.

For our studies we employ the elemental and isotope composition of natural rocks, experiments and thermodynamic simulations to study mass transfer processes, age and chemical character of reservoirs and their evolution through time. A key tool in our research is isotope geochemistry and the study of redox processes in igneous geochemistry