Dr Alina-Catalina Donea

Research Overview

Alina Donea is a Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics at Monash University and a PhD supervisor in Solar Physics. A coordinator of a Machine Learning Data Application Group in Solar Physics (BSc and Diploma Physics Bucharest University, PhD Mathematics and Astronomy Romanian Academy and Max Planck, Graduate Certificate High Education Monash). She teaches Mathematical Modelling and Advanced Engineering Mathematics, as well as Astrophysics and Visualisation in Mathematics in the School of Mathematics.

Her research field is focused on helioseismology, wave mechanics, acoustics of solar spots, magnetic fields, solar quakes and solar flares. Expert in Helioseismic Holography (a mathematical method which can tell you how loud is the Sun), Alina can detect solar quakes in satellite images from state-of-art instruments. Her recent interest is in modelling magnetic polarity distributions of solar activity from its helioseismic signatures and applying deep learning algorithms in the field of machine learning for solar imaging and space weather forcasting.

She is the author of over 60 refereed publications. She was Co-Investigator in a major NASA research proposal ”Exploring the Physical Relationship Among Photospheric Magnetic Field Changes, Sunspot Motions, and Sunquakes During Solar Eruptions” and a member of NASA panels to review research proposals for the Solar and Heliospheric Physics Supporting Research and Technology Programs.

She is a also a Member of International Astronomical Union, Astronomical Society of Australia, Australian Institute of Physics-Solar Terrestrial and Space Physics, Solar Physics Advisory Board, Associate Editor at the Frontiers Astronomy and Space Sciences and regularly engaged for joint research with institutes in Australia, Europe, USA (Stanford University, High Altitude Observatory, North Western Research Associates in Colorado, New Jersey Institute of Technology)