Prof Steve Siems

Research Overview

Over the course of my career, my research has become more focused on understanding the physics of clouds and precipitation. My early research was in computational fluid dynamics with an application to large eddy simulations of stratocumulus clouds. Upon arriving at Monash, my research turned towards understanding clouds and precipitation in Australia and the Southern Ocean. My research specialities include Southern Ocean meteorology, boundary layer meteorology, weather modification and mountain meteorology.

Selected Publications

[1] Huang, Yi ; Siems, Steven Thomas ; Manton, Michael John ; Rosenfeld, Daniel ; Marchand, Roger ; McFarquhar, Greg M ; Protat, Alain. "What is the role of sea surface temperature in modulating cloud and precipitation properties over the Southern Ocean?". In: Journal of Climate. 2016 ; Vol. 29, No. 20. pp. 7453-7476.

[2] Chubb, Thomas ; Siems, Steven ; Manton, Michael. "On the decline of wintertime precipitation in the Snowy Mountains of southeastern Australia". In: Journal of Hydrometeorology. 2011 ; Vol. 12, No. 6. pp. 1483 - 1497.

[3] Morrison, Anthony Edward ; Siems, Steven Thomas ; Manton, Michael John ; Nazarov, Alex. "On the analysis of a cloud seeding dataset over Tasmania". In: Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 2009 ; Vol. 48, No. 6. pp. 1267 - 1280.

[4] Hande, Luke ; Siems, Steven Thomas ; Manton, Michael John. "Observed trends in wind speed over the Southern Ocean". In: Geophysical Research Letters. 2012 ; Vol. 39. pp. 1 - 5.

[5] Huang, Yi ; Chubb, Thomas ; Baumgardner, Darrel ; de Hoog, Mark ; Siems, Steven T ; Manton, Michael J. "Evidence for secondary ice production in Southern Ocean open cellular convection". In: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 2017 ; Vol. 143, No. 704. pp. 1685-1703.