Science Research Project units

We encourage our undergraduate students to gain early exposure to research. Our science research project units enable you to develop research skills and discover new knowledge.

You will be able to work with experienced research staff on a research project. The skills you gain in academic research – to reason and reflect, to think critically, to analyse data and to communicate ideas verbally and in writing – will serve you well whether you decide to take on a research degree or go straight to the workplace.

We offer a number of research project units within our science degrees. They normally involve an individual research project in a discipline relating to a major area of study, conducted under supervision, and may involve field or laboratory work. You must maintain regular contact with your supervisor(s) and unit coordinator.

Completion of a research project unit will appear on your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement, giving you an edge when you begin your career.

Available science research units:

  • BCH3990 Action in biochemistry research project*
  • BIO3990 Biology in action research project
  • BTH3960 Interdisciplinary advanced practical in pharmacology and chemistry
  • CHM2990 Introductory chemical research project
  • CHM3980 Chemistry study abroad
  • CHM3990 Chemistry project
  • DEV3990 Action in anatomy and developmental biology research project*
  • EAE3000 Earth, atmosphere and environment research project
  • FIT3161 Computer science project 1
  • FIT3162 Computer science project 2
  • GEN3990 Genetics in action research project
  • HUP3990 Human pathology in action research project*
  • IMM3990 Immunology in action research project*
  • MIC3990 Action in microbiology research project*
  • MTH3000 Mathematics research project level 3
  • PHA3990 Action in pharmacology research project*
  • PHS2350 Physics and astronomy introductory research project 1
  • PHS2360 Physics and astronomy introductory research project 2
  • PHS3350 Physics and astronomy research project 1
  • PHS3360 Physics and astronomy research project 2
  • PHY3990 Action in physiology research project*
  • SCI3990 Science in action research project (Malaysia)

How to enrol

Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Atmosphere and environment, Computer science, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy and Science in Action (Malaysia) research units:

  • To enrol in one of these science research project units you need written permission from the unit coordinator. You must meet the unit pre-requisites, which requires a high academic standard, and approval is dependent on the availability of appropriate supervision and resources. You can download the Research Project Approval form or collect from Science Student Services .
  • Submit your completed form to Science Student Services or lodge via

*Biochemistry, Developmental biology, Human Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Physiology research units:

  • To enrol in one of these science research project units you apply online.
  • Application process:  You must meet the unit pre-requisites, which requires a high academic standard, and find a supervisor and research project (which your department convenor can help with). Then apply online for the relevant semester.
  • If approved, you submit an enrolment request via and the Faculty will enrol you subject to course progression requirements.