Our vision

We co-create with Monash science, research and technology, solutions to nourish a growing and hungry world to help feed 9 billion people a healthy and sustainable diet within planetary boundaries.

Innovation for everyone

We can apply this to a business of any size. If your business is little more than an idea, a start-up, an SME or large business, we can help you take the next step if you reach out.


We identify what is holding back your growth. We challenge the thinking and take your growth to the next level.

Consumer centred design

Help you harness consumer insights and transform this into new thinking, ideas and most important, actions.

Practical implementation

Our team of industry experts guide you on practical implementation.

Practical Experience

A world class team drawn from industry with the practical expertise to make a difference.


Access to world class infrastructure and resources at Monash.


We can build a team aligned to your specific needs


We can embed the innovation capabilities into your business with our tailored training courses.


We have an impressive track record of results across businesses of all sizes.

Smart Thinking

If you need smarter, lateral thinking then we have access to not just Monash University but a range of unique relationships and partners. Once we understand your needs we can connect you with the right people.

Mission Statement

We co-create consumer led foods and food system answers with industry, government, entrepreneurs and research communities of interest.

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Our services

Keep on top of how consumer insight and innovation can help your business thrive.

The food innovators

Monash Food Innovation is a committed team of innovation practitioners who live and breath to commercialise innovation. We specialise in exploring and validating product or service offers from concept stage to market execution.

What our clients say

Real results from real businesses large and small.



Mark Field - Head of Coles Brand

"MFI was recently engaged to energize a strategically significant project hat had stalled and required new validation and inputs to lift the Organization's belief in the potential for growth from this initiative in the future. The innovation tools the MFIC took us through were practical, inclusive and engaging and the commercial outcomes immediately applicable. The team at Monash Food Innovation certainly put us back on track and added a suite of future innovation possibilities as well. I’d like to personally endorse all of the effort, energy, insight and outcomes on this project and all personally believe that it all bodes well for the future. The feedback from the Coles team that attended the sessions has also been very complimentary and the outputs will be placed straight into development. The team will also be able to use these tools to come up with, and sense check any ideas they have from now on. A huge thanks to everyone involved. I feel like this project is back on track!"

Darrell Lea

Darrell Lea

Tim Stanford - Marketing Director

“MFI’s Design team developed a new product mould concept. The main outcome was a design that could be produced in our company facilities representing our core brand identity whilst enabling a new look range for our company. They provided stimulating and pertinent designs, which were distilled down into a single concept that encapsulates the brand identity whilst capturing desired form direction. Their team provided an integral service to our business as it allowed us to quickly test internally the prospect of new designs and gain useful insight into new product developments. They were professional in handling scope changes whilst the project was active.”

Simplot Australia

Simplot Australia

Christine McKenna - Executive Assistant

"Thanks for a great ‘Innovation In Action and Immersion’ day. We’ve heard nothing but positive reviews of the day from everyone who attended in our Department. We are looking to stay true to our newly assigned Intrapreneur behaviours and all learned a lot from the key note presentations. Everything from the venue, amazing food, content, technology, pace, speakers, you name it, it was all good. Everyone came away very enthusiastic and ready to share with the rest of our business. The MFI facilitation was spot on and the day flowed beautifully. Thank you once again for guiding us through and building the agenda and leading in the execution of a really worthwhile offsite day for our team."