7. Future focused research

Future proof your business.

By 2050 the world will be a very different place

  • A hungrier world – needing 70% more food
  • A wealthier world – demanding more protein
  • Choosier customers – more informed with greater demands
  • Transformative technologies – computing power with change many aspects of food
  • A bumpier ride – as the environmental impact takes its toll on agriculture

The Food & Sustainable Manufacturing (FSM) translation research enables the delivery through virtual research teams where we can offer critical mass of research discoveries, skills and infrastructure ...

... via focused multidisciplinary applied research clusters, supported by an industry led base, inspired by solving the 2050 food challenges to create commercial and social value.

What are you looking for?

  • For your next disruptive innovation or transformative change
  • To validate independently and scientifically a game-changing opportunity
  • To complement your skills to bring it to market
  • To find a network of capabilities that has a reach into Asia
  • To get inspired to disrupt your market by connecting with world-class researchers and interpret their work