Sustainable Materials

Sustainability—particularly regulatory and public concerns around single-use packaging waste—is combining with other powerful trends to drive major changes in consumer packaging. An innovative sustainable packaging aims to address food waste and loss reduction by preserving food quality, as well as food safety issues by preventing food-borne diseases and food chemical contamination.

Essentially, the sustainable packaging needs to be made from eco-friendly materials, biodegradable and able to be either reused or recycled.

Why engage?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable packaging
  • Get more storage and more space with sustainable packaging
  • Sustainable packaging is free of allergens and toxins
  • Reduces use of resources
  • Increase sales with sustainable packaging
  • Save money on shipping costs

The Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia (BioPRIA) is an institute engaged in creating new industries and transforming established ones through education and research. Located within the Department of Chemical Engineeringat Monash University, BioPRIA is the offspring of the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute (APPI), which was established in 1989.

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