Design Sprints

Design sprints help rapidly validate new to market ideas. Whether it be an existing product or packaging design that needs to be de-risked or a variety of new ideas the design sprint aims to de-risk launch through iterative design and consumer focused evaluation.

Design sprints utilise leading facilities and techniques at Monash to get outputs as fast as possible. Find out quickly whether new ideas are resonating with your target audience and quickly adjust product, design and packaging cues to re-test with consumers.

What do you want to test?

  • Rapid consumer insights into product/packaging
  • Test new products feasibility before scale up and implementation
  • Quickly iterate and validate new designs
  • Utilise eye tracking and on shelf insights to validate stand-out, time to find, shelf position, range blocking and more
  • Access industrial design and prototyping services to create realistic prototypes of product and packaging ideas
  • Create and serve from the commercial kitchen facility to target consumers