6. Virtual reality

With MFI’s virtual retail technologies you can collaborate, test, interact and receive feedback on how your new product, category, planogram or activation sits within the store environment.

It allows you to understand shopper behaviour and make informed, profitable decisions before investing large amounts of time and money.

Click here to experience a 360 degree Retail Virtual Reality tour

Our Retail Virtual technologies consist of:

Virtual Store

The virtual store is an environment to quickly visualise and test new store layouts, retail environments, communications, and activation-based displays. The environment enables businesses to utilise real-world stores to test their marketing and communications ideas with numerous iterations rapidly to define and de-risk the launch.

Virtual Reality

Test and evaluate with hands-on experiences in virtual environments. Interact and engage products, experiences and environments. VR is great for creating and rapidly testing new products, packaging, POS and retail environments. Emulate the real-world experience of buying and interacting with new products or simply an engaging way to present your new ideas to those halfway across the world.