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Sustained value creation is the goal. Monash and industry link research discoveries with infrastructure that will identify scalable opportunities for individuals and communities.

We provide the broker links and translation from research to industry. Why is this necessary? Because we understand the language of pure and applied research and how this can be harnessed to create great commercial value.

Support with accessing funding opportunities including Government & Industry grants.

We have Business Development Managers with extensive Industry experience, connecting world leading researchers to partner with industry to find sustainable, novel and practical solutions to industry challenges.

The bio-waste valorisation research helps food and agricultural companies tackle costly waste challenges to have a sustainable business to take full advantage of a growing demand in domestic and export markets for high quality food products

Have you considered Monash?
$1 billion + advanced innovation precinct

Monash is Australia's largest research intensive Go8 (Group of Eight) university;
amongst the top 0.5% of world universities.

#1 in Australasia for Engineering and Technology  – World Ranking 2015-16: Top 100.​

Australia’s most Global university, with a  footprint that spans China, Malaysia, India and through to South Africa and Europe.​

New investments such as the Green Chemical Futures (AUS$80M) and the New Horizons (AUS$156M) buildings have further enhanced the precinct.

The CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific Industry Research Organisation) – a neighbor and alliance partner.​

Founding partners of the Australian Synchrotron and the $50M Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (fabrication, analysis, design and prototyping)

Our vision

We co-create with Monash science, research and technology, solutions to nourish a growing and hungry world to help feed 9 billion people a healthy and sustainable diet within planetary boundaries.

From the individual to entire communities, through Australia and into Asia.

Clients we've helped

Just some of the businesses we've helped innovate and thrive.

We are leading the way in sustainable food systems

Effect of a polyphenols (marine) on glycemic control
Effect of night time eating on metabolism
Impact of dairy in exercise
Gut training studies to enhance gut resistance / resilience
Role of intake during exercise on gut health
Impact of probiotics on gut health
Impact of soy and linseed in bread to reduce glycemic index and menopausal symptoms in women
Impact of garlic in reducing cholesterol and heart disease
Waste Valorisation - low value waste streams into high value

We have access to key technologies in sustainable food systems

BASE: Research tailored for industry to understand products nutrition and health capabilities

Physiological performance assessment
Hydration status assessment
Macro nutrient oxidation rate assessment
Body composition analysis
Sleep laboratory
Comprehensive human biomarker testing
Glucose and liquid metabolism profiling
Immune response mapping
Bone health assessment
Muscle protein status
Nutritional genomics
Microbiome assessment
Human energy expenditure assessment (rest, during and free living exercise)
Human heat stress testing (ie. Environmental conditions)
Gastrointestinal challenge assessment (integrity, function and symptoms)
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