Work Integrated Learning Programs and New Food Frontiers

Singaporean SME’s and Monash students unite to share food ideas

Over the last 3 years, MFI has hosted a ground breaking project with Enterprise Singapore assisting eight Singaporian food and beverage SME’s that were interested in expanding into the Australian market. Each SME was partnered with a team of Monash University students from a diverse range of disciplines (Engineering, Business Economics and Science) to learn and apply MFI methodologies for business innovation and migration. At the end of the 12 week program, representatives from the Singaporian SME’s travelled to Melbourne for a week-long immersive ‘bootcamp’ culminating in a pitch event for industry and the students. This unique initiative is mutually beneficial for the Singaporean companies and for Monash students and has enabled both groups to work together to develop innovative commercial solutions. The program continues to be such a success that it is being repeated in 2021 and beyond.

See the program in action here: