2. Consumer led innovation

In the world of fast moving consumer goods, only 1 out 10 products survive the first year of launch which means 9 out 10 fail! We have not found a silver magic bullet.. have you?

The good news is the team at Monash Food Innovation can help you to fast-track and reduce the risk of your innovations for both the domestic and export markets (China in particular).

We have collectively launched over 1000’s of products in global markets – who better to help you innovate. We have developed and refined a suite of tools that can be used to harvest your conceptual ideas into successful products. Not only do we bring best practice in innovation tools and methodologies, we also use best in class approaches to design and visualisation such as bringing your ideas and concepts to life with 3D design and prototyping.

What can MFI answer?

Knowledge Mapping

Understanding the current knowledge of the market
Identifying what you don’t know about the market

Product Mapping

Understand the current product landscape in a competitive context
Identifying the white space opportunities for your product

Product Concept

What is the consumer’s perception of the product concept?

Consumer product labs

Understand how your consumers conceptualise your product and packaging experience by using real products and packaging to measure how consumers response to stimuli that will help guide your product and pack design

In-situ Usage Tests

Explore the usage of the product in-situ and gain insight into your consumers’ context and what influences their behaviour.

Monash Food Innovation has a full consumer inspired design-led approach that will create design guidelines or opportunity platforms that have been anchored in both the current market opportunities and will align with your consumers’ behaviour and needs.