Research and Development

At Monash Food Innovation we tap into Monash Universities leading research capability for business looking to understand a critical research question. Questions around nutrition, better processing techniques, food waste reduction and many other areas of expertise provide a wide array of researchers able to work with business. The direct MFI team has product research and development capability to create your next food product, develop it with a consumer centric lense to ensure products formulations are right for your target consumer group.

How to engage?

- Have a research challenge like food waste, new processing technology, sustainable packaging materials, novel product research

- Need to develop new product formulation and development with consumer evaluation

- Need a product development lab with commercial kitchen accreditation

Who we have helped?

Project jackfruit was commenced to understand and identify opportunities to grow the Australian market capitalization for jackfruit growers in Australia through leading market insights and product innovation. The multidisciplinary Monash team comprised of Monash Food Innovation, Chemical Engineering, BusEco to understand, identify and develop new jackfruit products for the Australian market.

Refer to more info from the research report found here: