Internet of Things

An effective coordinating system organised the different practices to effectively manage the entire system by knowing every related practice. There is an immense requirement of an IoT based supply chain system to resolve the traditional coordination issues of food supply chain. In this context, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been proposed, which is a new paradigm of emerging Industry 4.0.

IoT is defined as the network of devices that gather and convey data via the Internet. Slowly, but surely, the Food industry is getting acquainted with the IoT. With the number of remarkable applications of the IoT the food suppliers, processors, and retailers are experiencing good opportunities for operational as well as financial augmentation in their food businesses.

Why engage?

  • Better Food Safety
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Production and Storage
  • Wastage Reduction
  • Addressing Issues in Faster Way

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