New Frontiers Innovation Programs

New Frontiers in Food is Monash Food Innovations premier industry focused student led program. This program is directed by the MFI team to ensure professional delivery of industry based research, insights, development and innovation that can help business in identifying, developing novel product, service and packaging solutions. The program sees businesses partnered with a dedicated student team for 10-12 weeks working on a business challenge in food, beverages, waste, market analysis, consumer analysis, new product development and packaging.

Over the duration of the program business can embed staff to learn innovation and commercial methodologies alongside their consulting student participants. The program explores the value proposition and market, knowledge mapping, product mapping, ideation and product development to provide leading ideas evaluated with target consumers for their partnered business. Deliverables include market insights, product analysis and mapping, product innovation pipeline for business, developed product and packaging concepts, consumer evaluation and engagement.

Why engage?

  • Accessible innovation and product concepts for SME businesses
  • Multi-disciplinary student team working on your business challenge for a semester
  • Utilise MFI innovation methodologies to provide leading ideas
  • Address a business challenge or new product development
  • Exposure to Monash talent, MFI experts, Australian Institute of Packaging, WPO Student Awards

In 2021 a New Frontiers Innovation Program was started to explore new food products for the senior Australian consumer. 'Food for Seniors' focused on developing new food products that were nutritionally beneficial for senior consumers and developing fit for purpose packaging for the Australian market. Singaporean food manufacturers interested in scaling up and developing products to launch in Australia were recruited and partnered with students from Monash Engineering, Science, MADA, Medicine and Business. Program partners included Arthritis Australia, Australian Institute of Packaging and the Centre for Modern Ageing.