The journey of launching new products to market is never easy. The path is paved with equal amounts of pleasure and pain as some would say. Over our five year journey in enabling Food Entrepreneurs and Businesses to thrive through innovation. We have learnt a thing or two. One that continues to inspire us to do better everyday for our sector and industry partners, where we seek to learn from these amazing journeys of purpose, passion for creating new opportunities for consumers, testing grit of the Founders and in many cases reaching significant commercial impact lined with failures to learn from and motivate to do better again and again.

We have partnered with Susie White (an Entrepreneur herself) to find these brilliant and resilient Founders so we can bring these great stories to light. Join us as we hear from 20 or so Founders during 2018. We hope these stories will insipire, provoke your own journeys and most of all celebrate the art, science and of course blood, sweat, tears and many laughs as we create a brighter future in Food and Agribusiness in Australia.

It’s never been a better time to be a Food Entrepreneur, Innovator or Start-Up. Consumers needs are fragmenting, so there are new opportunities emerging every day for delicious food and beverages that satisfy the demand for more authentic, unique, convenient, indulgent, sustainable and healthy offers. I started this podcast to inspire Food Businesses to be more innovative, to seek new opportunities and satisfy emerging consumer needs, by listening and learning from the real-work experiences of other Australian Entrepreneurs, who are shaking up the Australian food and beverage industry. So whether you’re a small start-up needing guidance, a large corporation seeking inspiration or just a person who loves hearing about the latest food trends and products, this podcast gives you a unique look behind the scenes through interviews with Business Founders who share their start-up and scale-up stories. Subscribe now on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts and join me to Eat, Drink and Innovate.