Innovation Training

    Monash Food Innovation workshops facilitated by leading experts that help train and come up with solutions for industries across agrifood.


    Strategic Innovation
    Workshops in strategic innovation aim to identify and solve larger challenges in agrifood business. Food/packaging waste, sustainability, industry 4.0 no matter the challenge, strategic innovation will identify, understand and help provide solutions for industry to enact significant change. Workshops are bespoke towards a particular business challenge space. Outputs from this workshop can lead to new projects, corporate initiatives, market.
    Design Thinking 
    Learn the design thinking methodology to solve complex industry, business or personal challenges. Pioneered across the globe to help in the process of solving intricate and complex challenges, identify opportunities or hazards before they occur and empower business to make large scale changes.
    New product idea to life 
    Learn and apply an innovation methodology to ideate new product and packaging solutions for business. Facilitated tools will create a pipeline of ideas and leading concepts that address a market, product and consumer need. Outputs include products, packaging, services concepts that are consumer evaluated.
    Empower business teams by learning intrapreneurial methodologies and mind sets. This workshop will increase team productivity, engagement and ability to grow innovative behaviours across an organisation.