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Credit for prior learning

Credit is the recognition of previous study or learning that can be counted towards a qualification. This can reduce the number of units required to complete a course of study.

You’ll need to apply for credit to have your eligibility assessed.

We assess different types of learning for equivalency to Monash study. These include formal learning taken through a structured program, as well as work-related, social, family, and leisure activities and experiences. If you have experience in a related field or similar study to the course you wish to enrol in, you should consider applying for credit towards your Monash course.

You can use our credit search to see previous credit outcomes at Monash. This is a guide only and results don't guarantee you credit or entry to Monash, but will give you an idea of what credit other applicants have received.

Credit search

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If you can't find any matching results for your prior studies, try a general search. For example, search by institution only.

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How to apply for credit

How you’re assessed for credit depends on whether you’re applying for your course through VTAC or directly to Monash.

Applying through VTAC

To apply for credit:

  1. Apply for the course you want through VTAC and wait for a course offer.
  2. Enrol in units to accept your course offer. You'll need to enrol into first year units to start with (these can be changed later).
  3. Apply for credit (make sure you include the necessary supporting documents).

Apply for credit

After you’ve received the outcome of your application, you’ll be able to make changes to your enrolment based on what credit you’ve been awarded.

Applying directly to Monash

If you’re looking for credit for prior studies, you can tell us you want to be considered for credit in your application to study at Monash. Just make sure you upload supporting documents as evidence of your studies (e.g. a handbook or syllabus) – we might also ask you for more documents after you’ve submitted your application.

If you’d like credit for work experience, you can apply for a credit assessment once you’ve received and accepted your course offer.

How to apply to study at Monash has all the details about applying for a course.

Once you’ve received an offer from Monash and created your Monash account, you can log into your account and apply for credit. We recommend you accept your course offer (by enrolling in units) before you apply for credit, as your offer may lapse while you wait for a response.

Apply for credit

For help, see the instructions for credit application (pdf, 0.27 mb).

When to apply

You should apply for credit well before starting your course, but we recommend you apply as early as possible. This gives you time to change your enrolment if you need to.

Applying too late might mean you’re not able to take advantage of credit awarded towards your course.

If you've already enrolled, you can change your enrolment once you’ve been given credit if it's awarded before the cut-off dates for adding or withdrawing units.

When you apply for a course transfer, you can let us know you’d like to be considered for credit. You can also apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) when you apply to transfer – just make sure you include any supporting documents necessary. For more information on how to do this, including how to add supporting documents for study completed outside of Monash or RPL, take a look at our quick reference guide.

Apply for a course transfer

Revoking credit

While credit can reduce the number of units you need to complete a course, it may also result in not having enough spaces on your course map to complete a minor, major, extended major, or specialisation. Credit may also prevent you from going on exchange or taking work-related placement units. In these cases, you can apply to have some of your credit revoked.

You should get course advice before applying to revoke your credit.

How to apply

  1. Complete an Application to Revoke Credit (pdf, 0.22 mb).
  2. Submit an enquiry through our virtual assistant with the application attached.

Notification of outcome

We’ll email you with the outcome of your credit application. This takes 10 to 20 business days, and may take longer during peak admission and enrolment times.