Apply for credit for prior learning

Credit is the recognition of previous study or learning that can be counted towards a qualification. This can reduce the number of units required to complete a course of study.

Am I eligible?

We assess different types of learning for equivalency to Monash study. These include formal learning taken through a structured program, as well as work-related, social, family, and leisure activities and experiences. If you have experience in a related field or similar study to the course you wish to enrol in, you should consider applying for credit towards your Monash course.

Credit search

To give you an idea, you can see previous credit outcomes at Monash. This system is a guide only.

Search previous credit outcomes.

How to apply

Planning to apply

When making an application to study at Monash, you can indicate that you want to be considered for credit. At this stage in the process, we’ll assess only your previous studies for credit. If you’d like credit for work experience, you can apply for a credit assessment once you’ve received a course offer and created your Monash account.

When making your application, you’ll need to upload supporting documents as evidence of your prior studies (e.g. a handbook or syllabus). Always be on the lookout for extra document requests once you've submitted your application.

Waiting for an offer

If you submitted your application without requesting credit, that’s fine. You’ll get a chance to submit a credit application when you get your course offer.

Apply to study at Monash

Once you have an offer from Monash, and have created your Monash account, you can use your account to apply for credit.

Apply for credit

For help, see the instructions for credit application (pdf, 0.27 mb).

When to apply

You should apply for credit as early as possible. If you've already enrolled, you can change your enrolment once credit has been awarded, if it's awarded before the cut-off dates for adding or discontinuing units.

If you leave a credit application too late, you may not be able to take full advantage of any credit awarded towards your course.

When applying for a course transfer, you're automatically considered for credit for your previous study at Monash.

Once you receive a course transfer offer, you’ll have the opportunity to request a credit assessment for any learning completed outside Monash. You’ll need to have your supporting documents ready to upload to your credit application.

Apply for a course transfer

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Supporting documents

If you studied at another university, you need to provide all of the following:

  1. An academic record/official transcript produced by the institution. If your transcript is not in English, you need to provide a certified translated copy.
    • Results slips or electronic printouts are not official transcripts.
    • We can’t accept transcripts through My eQuals that require a PIN or other authentication method
  2. An explanation of what the results mean.
    • This is usually found on the back of the transcript, like a grading scale, mark sheet or key.
    • You could also provide a link to this information on the university’s website. Make sure it’s a public page that doesn’t require a login.
  3. A unit outline that includes the learning outcomes and assessment requirements for each unit you’re seeking credit for.
    • Course handbooks may contain unit level information. If providing a link, ensure it doesn’t require a login.

After you apply

Your application is assessed by the faculty managing your course – they may email you to request additional documents. Providing these documents quickly means your application won’t be delayed.

Credit outcomes

There are different forms of credit that can be approved:

Block credit
Granted towards whole stages or components of a qualification, block credit doesn't involve individual student assessment. It's usually arranged through a credit transfer or articulation agreement with another education provider.
Specified credit
Specified credit is granted towards core or particular components in a qualification, identified by the Monash unit code.
Unspecified credit
Unspecified credit is granted towards components in a qualification where the Monash unit code is not specified. Credit is given for the credit point value and level of a Monash unit.

Notification of outcome

Future students

Your credit assessment outcome will either be included in your offer to study at Monash or emailed to you shortly after.

Commencing and current students

We’ll email you with the outcome of your credit application.

General turnaround times range from 10 to 20 business days. Longer periods may apply during peak admission and enrolment times.

Course transfer applicants

You’ll receive an email with the outcome of your course transfer application and your credit assessment for Monash units.

General turnaround times range from 10 to 20 days. Longer periods may apply during peak admission and enrolment times.

Credit policy and procedures

There are limits to how much credit you can be awarded. For full details of our credit policy and procedures, see:

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