Quick reference guide

Applying for course or campus transfer

This guide contains information for current Monash students applying for a course or campus transfer.

Recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox; Edge is not supported.

Table of Contents

Log into the student application

  1. Go to the course or campus transfer page.
  2. Select the How to apply tab, and then select the Apply for a course transfer button to commence your course transfer application.
  3. Sign in with your Monash student email address and your password in the provided fields.

    Okta login screen with email and password fields

  4. Once you've signed in, you'll be directed to the draft application page.

    Draft application screen, showing course preference an declaration

  5. Check My Profile on the right panel to make sure it has your correct information. This information isn't editable, so if any of the information is incorrect, you will need to contact the Monash Service Desk.

Adding courses to your application

  1. Start by typing the course name or course code you would like to transfer into and select the course from the list that will appear.
  2. To change your selection, clear the text you have entered, and then type another course name or course code and select it.

  3. Select your intended specialisation/major from the drop-down list (if your course requires it). If you've selected a double degree, you need to enter a second specialisation/major.

  4. Select the campus.

  5. Select the Add to my preferences button to add the selected course as one of your three preferences.

    Course preference screen, displaying course selection in progress and an 'add to my preferences' button. Underneath displays an already selected course with a trash can icon if a user wants to delete the selection.

  6. You can simply repeat this process to add two more preferences or select the trash can icon button to delete a preference.

    Course preference screen displaying three selected courses. Next to each is a trash can icon if a user wants to delete their selection.

    You may select up to three preferences. You can drag and drop to change the order of your preferences.

Enter your reason for applying

Enter the reason you're applying for your preference(s) in the highlighted field/s. Select reason for applying for more information.

It's recommended that you include a reason for each course preference.

Confirm Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment

  1. Select whether you want to have your completed Monash units assessed for credit. Yes will be the default option.

    Would you like your completed Monash units assessed for credit. Two radio button options with yes and no. Yes is selected.

  2. Select whether you want to have your credits from external institutions assessed for credit. select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  3. Select ‘Recognition for Prior Learning’ and read this information carefully as it will help you with your credit assessment.

  4. Enter details of the prior learning you wish to receive credit or exemption for in the highlighted textbox.

    You will have to provide supporting documentation for the prior learning you want to receive credit for. For example, Academic transcripts, Unit synopsis, Personal statement, Position title, Letter from employer, Current CV, Professional development certificate.

    If you are applying for credit for your studies at Monash, you don’t have to provide an academic transcript.

  5. Upload any supporting documentation for your application

    You can't upload files larger than 30MB and you can only upload image, PDF, ZIP and DOC files.

    File upload screen with a 'drop files here or click to browse' button. Underneath displays a file that has already been uploaded.

Submit student application

  1. Read the declaration carefully and select the checkbox to complete it.

    Screenshot of the declaration with the 'I agree to the above declaration' checkbox ticked

  2. If you're still unsure of your preferences or the order of your preferences, select Save draft to save the application as a draft. You can return to your application at any time prior to the closing date to submit your application. If your application is complete, select Submit and you'll be asked to confirm your application submission.

    Screenshot of the declaration displaying save draft and submit buttons

Confirmation of application submission

  1. Once you've read the confirmation and are ready to submit your application, select Submit.

    Pre-submission screen asking if you want to submit your application and outlining points you should be aware of.

    You'll see a confirmation of your course transfer application submission. An email notification will also be sent to your Monash student email address.

    An application submission confirmation screen, stating that the application will now be assessed. A date is given for the outcome.

  2. Select Next and you'll be directed to a quick survey page. You can view our privacy statement before providing your anonymous feedback.

  3. Select Submit and you'll be directed to your application progress page. You'll see any files you had uploaded with your application and a notification of the outcome release date. You can log into your course transfer application progress page to check on the progress and you'll also receive email notifications at each stage of the application process:

    Your application for course transfer will be assessed shortly after your submission. You will be notified of an outcome on the outcome release date.

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