Defer your offer

The University allows you to defer your course for up to 12 months. In certain cases (eg financial difficulties, compulsory military service), you can apply to extend this to 24 months. There is no cost to defer and you will not be charged any fees while you are on deferment.

When deferring your offer, you are guaranteed your place but are choosing to delay starting your course. You must defer your offer by the enrolment date in your offer letter.

Monash may not approve or give credit for other study while you are on deferment.

You cannot defer:

  • enrolments in single units
  • internal course transfer places
  • cross-institutional enrolments at Monash
  • enhancement study enrolments

Apply to defer

You may not be able to defer some courses. See your faculty before applying to defer.

Scholarship holders should check the conditions before applying, as not all scholarships can be deferred.

Before enrolling in units

If applying before enrolling in units:

  • create a Monash computer account
  • login to WES
  • click Apply for course deferment
  • check your details and eligibility for deferment and choose your Deferment return date
  • keep your confirmation of deferment.

Or post a deferment application (pdf, 0.27 mb) to your faculty office before your enrolment date.

International students must follow the steps in defer your studies.

Research students should refer to the Monash Graduate Research Office commencement date/request for deferral information.

After enrolling in units

Some faculties may allow you to defer your course after enrolment and up until census date. For details, contact your faculty.

If your faculty only allows you to defer before accepting your offer, you may apply for intermission (study break) instead.

Law students
If already enrolled, you must defer your offer before the earliest withdrawn early end date of your units. You need to discontinue from all units using the Web Enrolment System (WES). See discontinuation dates for Law students.

Next steps

We will email your Monash account with more information, including services and assistance available during your deferment. It's important you check this account regularly for updates from the University.

Your faculty will send you a letter at least three months before you return to study, confirming your offer for the following semester. This letter will tell you how to enrol or extend your deferment.

Enrolling after a deferral

We will contact you to enrol, so keep your postal address up to date in WES. You will then need to follow the steps to enrol.

If you want to return early, contact your faculty to check whether you can enrol mid-year.

Relevant policy

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