Course or campus transfer

You can apply for an internal transfer if you want to transfer:

  • from one Monash coursework degree to another, and/or
  • to a different Monash campus.

You can only transfer between the same course type (e.g. from one bachelor degree to another bachelor degree) and only if you haven't completed your course. If you're completing your current course and wish to enrol in another, you'll need to apply as instructed on our find a course page.

Masters by research or doctoral degree students should contact their faculty or Graduate Research about transfers.


Transferring course or campus is part of a competitive selection process. This means that you'll be competing with other students for a place in the course.

The minimum eligibility requirements for a course transfer are:

  • being a current Monash student (you must maintain your enrolment)
  • meeting the prerequisites for the new course
  • performing at an appropriate level in your current course
  • successful completion of at least 12 credit points of a Monash University course.

The actual requirements for transfer may be higher.

These are set by the faculty managing the course, including the number of completed credit points required to be considered for a transfer. Check the course transfer requirements carefully, before making an application for a transfer.

Credit for previous studies

If successful, you may be eligible for credit. Credit is awarded only if your previous studies are relevant to the new course.

Apply for a transfer

Application dates for semester one 2023

Applications open: Monday 5 September (9am Melbourne time)

Applications close: Friday 28 October (11.59pm Melbourne time)

How to apply

Not all courses are open for course transfer applications.

How to check what courses are open

  1. View courses open for transfer applications
  2. Check the additional entry requirements for course transfers:
    • any restrictions to transfer considering your current course or location
    • minimum WAM – you'll be able to see your current course and WAM when you apply for a transfer
    • prerequisite units
    • specific documentation to include with your application
    • specific requirements such as auditions, interviews, entry tests or a Nursing English declaration form (for Nursing courses).
  • Up to three course preferences
  • The reason you're applying for a course transfer
  • Whether you want a credit assessment on your completed Monash units
  • Whether you want credit from external studies – be prepared with your transcripts and previous unit/s synopsis
  • Documents to support your application such as personal statements, resume/CV
  • You can apply for a maximum three course preferences in one application.
  • You can only submit one application – so think carefully about your preferences.
  • You'll be made one course offer, which will be for your highest eligible preference – so think carefully about your preference order.
  • You'll need to upload supporting documents with your application.

When your application is in DRAFT status, you can:

  • add, delete or change the order of preferences
  • change the response to your questions
  • add or delete documents

When your application is in SUBMITTED status, you:

  • won’t be able to make changes to your application
  • will be able to track your application assessment status

Don’t submit your application until you’ve finalised your preference selection and uploaded your documents.

If you’d like to change your preferences after you’ve submitted your application, contact Monash Connect and your application will be reset to Draft status. You’ll then need to update your preferences and resubmit the application before the deadline.

The last date to request to change your preferences is Friday 21 October 2022.

Course transfer application quick reference guide

Apply for a course transfer

If successful, you'll receive an offer for your highest eligible preference (see notification dates in the section below).

If all your course preferences have been declined by the faculty, you'll be notified earlier and provided with alternate paths for entry.

Track your course transfer progress

Offer notification and acceptance

Offer date: Friday 9 December 2022 (5pm Melbourne time) – after semester two results release

Contacts for Malaysia to Australia transfers

If you have an enquiry about transferring from Monash Malaysia to an Australian campus, use the contact details below:

Transfers from an Australian campus to the Malaysia campus

  1. Current students must submit the Transfer Application form (pdf, 0.29 mb) to Monash University Malaysia (MUM) Admissions at Do this before completing your current course.
  2. Ensure you remain enrolled in your current course while waiting for the outcome of your application.

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