Credit for Arts courses

This is extra information for Arts students. You should also check the main credit for prior learning information.

Credit rules: Faculty of Arts


When applying for credit, you must provide:

  • an original or certified copy of your previous academic transcript
  • proof of completion (a statement on your transcript or your award certificate/diploma)
  • unit descriptions showing what each unit was worth (in credit points or EFTSL and as a percentage of the course).


The Faculty of Arts gives credit only for relevant study; this must be completed:

  • at an equivalent level (e.g. we do not give credit towards graduate courses for undergraduate-level study)
  • at a relevant tertiary-level institution, for course credit
  • before starting your Monash course. Once enrolled at Monash, you need to apply for complementary study to get credit for units taken elsewhere.


Our Arts units are worth 6 or 12 credit points, based on a full year of study worth 48 points. We only give credit in 6 or 12-point blocks.

You must complete at least a third of your course within the Faculty of Arts at Monash University.

You can use the online credit search to see some outcomes of previous credit applications at Monash. Please note that the system is a guide only.

Core units

Undergraduate areas of study (minors, majors, and specialisations) have various core units, including gateway, cornerstone, and capstone units. Some specialist undergraduate degrees have core course units. Graduate coursework degrees incorporate required core units, as well as research units.

We give exemptions from core units only if we believe your previous study is equivalent to those units. No credit is given for the research component of any degree.


We may give you specific year-level unit exemptions or let you start at a higher entry level.


The School of Psychological Sciences will assess your previous psychology study. It must meet the accreditation requirements of the Australian Psychological Society for you to continue in psychology. If it does not, they will give you unspecified credit points.

Non-Arts units

We award credit for these units as unspecified credit points. If you want exemption from certain units, we will need to forward your application to the relevant faculty for approval.

Awarding credit in Arts

Extension studies

Accepting credit for extension studies affects your first-year enrolment. See enrolment advice with credit for extension studies.

International students

If you have provided us with information about post-secondary study you've completed in Australia or overseas, we will award credit when we offer you a place.

Undergraduate courses

The maximum credit we will award is:

  • 24 points towards an undergraduate diploma
  • 96 points towards any bachelor's degree
  • 60 points towards the Arts component of a double degree.

For your major, you must take at least 18 credit points in Arts at third-year-level at Monash.


We may award credit for units taken at fourth-year-level or equivalent. The maximum credit we will award is 24 credit points. We do not give credit for the research component of an honours degree.

Graduate courses

You must apply for credit at the time of entry. We will not give it retrospectively. The maximum credit we will award is 48 points. No credit can be given for the research component of a graduate degree.

Two-year master's degree (96-points)

If you have an undergraduate qualification in a cognate discipline, you may be eligible for 24 points of credit.

An honours qualification, or equivalent, in a cognate discipline could make you eligible for 48 points of credit.

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