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Our challenge

The children being left behind

Today, more than 350,000 new babies will be welcomed into the world. Each child and parent share a similar vision, a hope to be embraced by the community and supported to thrive and make the most of life’s opportunities.

For the 1 in 10 children with disability and their parents, this shared vision is no different, and should be no less achievable.

Children with disabilities such as blindness, cerebral palsy, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often experience barriers to inclusion in their daily lives. Experiences of exclusion have a dramatic impact well into adulthood, affecting their future physical and mental health, career opportunities, economic security, relationships, and more.

Changing the story for children with disability

At Monash, we want to enable future generations to thrive, and our focus on pioneering new solutions for underserved children with disability forms an essential part of this commitment.

Today, through our clinic, our Monash experts provide affordable psychology services to children, families, groups, and community organisations across Victoria. Our discounted prices are possible because students from our Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology course have their placements at the Clinic – under close supervision from experienced psychologists. This means the Clinic is also a training ground for the next generation of developmental and educational psychologists.

Our future vision for Greater impact

Moving forward, we plan to address the disconnect between siloed support services, as well as the lag between research innovations and practice change. At the heart of the issue, children with disability are falling through the cracks in a broken model of care.

Through the reimagined Clinic, researchers, clinicians, children with disability, their families, and the workforce who support them will unite in this Australian-first approach. Together, we’ve co-designed a new best-practice model of care that supports underserved Australian children with disability to access what they need to thrive in all aspects of life. Importantly, our community-led research agenda will allow us to challenge traditional biases and trial interventions for underrepresented groups, such as girls with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Long-term, we aspire to make our model the global gold standard, improving the health and wellbeing of children with disability beyond borders.

How we work

By bringing research, community and the workforce together, we’ll ultimately co-design, evaluate and deliver a new gold-standard model of care to support children with disability to thrive in all areas of life.

Our co-designed model of care will be evidence-based as well as personalised and highly feasible – something that’s hard to achieve in research-only or clinic-only settings.

Once we establish the model, it can be scaled and delivered beyond the Monash Krongold Clinic in other states and countries.

Krongold Model infographic

Delivering rapid research impact to children with disabilities by bringing together a diverse team of researchers from various disciplines to co-design and test interventions.

Families who visit our clinic may choose to actively participate in our studies, allowing us to continuously improve our model and incorporate evidence-based interventions based on the current needs of families.

Our Clinic serves as a central access point to meet the diverse needs of families and community groups, providing a range of assessments and evidence-based interventions.

Our dedicated staff ensure seamless access to intervention pathways by liaising with professional and community groups. Our Clinic offers a variety of valuable resources and programs.

Our training program is aligned to our innovative model of care. It aims to upskill both emerging and existing clinicians, teachers, and support workers.

We also provide valuable educational opportunities for students, PhD candidates, and professionals.

Our staff

Our research students

Our history

The Krongold Centre for Exceptional Children was established in 1976 out of a generous donation from Dinah and Henry Krongold to Monash University. Initially it provided direct services to preschool and school-aged children, including therapy and hydrotherapy.

Over the past 47 years the Centre has transformed to the Monash Krongold Clinic with two integrated elements: Krongold Services for children and adolescents, and their families, and Krongold Research Programs.

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