Remembering Ann Monotti

Members of the Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies (CLARS) are saddened by the recent death of Professor Ann Monotti. Ann played a particularly significant role in CLARS. She was the inaugural Director of the newly reformed CLARS, and set it on the path to becoming an important research Centre in the field of commercial, corporate and regulatory law.

Ann was an expert in intellectual property and business innovation. Her publications in these areas were numerous and outstanding. She was the principal author of Universities and Intellectual Property: Ownership and Exploitation (Oxford University Press, New York, 2003), a co-author of Australian Intellectual Property Law (4th ed., Cambridge University Press, 2020) and a co-editor of Business Innovation and the Law: Perspectives from Intellectual Property, Labour, Competition and Corporate Law (Edward Elgar, UK, 2013). She was also the Chief Investigator of multiple prestigious Australian Research Council grants, which are given in recognition of exceptional academic scholarship. Thousands of students, postgraduate and undergraduate, benefited from her teaching in intellectual property and real property law.

For members of CLARS, however, Ann will be remembered for far more than her scholarly and teaching excellence. She was a fantastic colleague and mentor, and was loved by students for her generosity, as well as her ability to present complex ideas in a clear and intelligible way. Ann was a perpetual optimist, with a wry and delightful sense of humour. In addition to law, she loved literature (including detective novels, to which she was quite partial), classical music and, most of all, her family. Ann will be missed by all her colleagues in CLARS.