Join the TRACK-FA study today

Recruitment of FA and control participants aged between 5-50 years of age is now underway.

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What will your participation in the study involve?

  • Screening assessments to determine your eligibility
  • Undertaking neurological clinical rating scales (FA participants only)
  • Questionnaires to assess cognition, mood and speech
  • Providing a blood sample
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your brain and spinal cord

Inclusion criteria (partial) FA participants:

  • Age ≥5 years with genetically confirmed diagnosis of FA
  • GAA repeat expansion >55 in length on both alleles of the FXN gene or GAA repeat expansion on one allele and another mutation type on the other allele
    (e.g., point mutation, gene deletion)
  • Age of disease onset ≤25 years
  • Disease duration ≤25 years

Inclusion criteria control participants:

  • Age ≥5 years
  • Able to provide written informed consent

Exclusion criteria (partial) FA and control:

  • MRI contraindications such as pacemaker, other metallic surgical implants, metallic braces
  • Pregnancy
  • Other ongoing medical conditions, including psychiatric and neurological diagnoses (speak with the site investigator)