Sustainable Catering

Monash University recognises that catering and events can have significant social and environmental impacts, locally and globally. The choices made about food, equipment, materials and transport can translate into the depletion of natural resources, increased landfill and emissions of greenhouse gases, which impact on environmental and social sustainability.

Here are some simple ways to help you green up your catering when you're placing your next catering order.Crockery

  • Ditch disposables and always request reusable platters, cutlery,  crockery and drinkware.
  • Single serve does not mean single use. Speak to your caterer and ask for catering to be served on reusable crockery and request for reusable cutlery to be provided.
  • Reduce packaging. Choose foods and other products with little or no packaging. When food is purchased in packaging ensure it is made of recycled content and is recyclable.
  • Reduce waste. Try not to over-cater at your event - one sandwich, wrap or roll per person is plenty! If you require single use packaging, ensure you request compostable packaging.
  • Go vegetarian. Ensure that there's lots of meat-free options available.

For more information about sustainable catering, please refer to the Sustainable Events and Meeting Guidelines and Compostable Packaging for Events Guidelines.