What is healthy catering?

To make it easier for staff to access healthy options when catering for workplace events, the Health and Wellbeing Team partnered with Monash Finance to establish the Monash Catering website, which features all our on-campus caterers who provide healthy catering.

The Health and Wellbeing Team have created a Healthy Catering Guide which provides clear and practical guidance to help you choose healthier food and drinks for employees and visitors at workplace functions. It is based on the Victorian Government’s Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide, which categorises foods and drinks as Green, Amber or Red according to their nutritional value.

All healthy catering menus offered on the Monash Catering website have been assessed by dietitians working within the Health and Wellbeing Team and they feature a delicious range of Green and Amber food and drinks recommended for workplace catering.

Green - the best choice

To be promoted to staff and encouraged when food and drinks are provided.

Food and drinks from the Green category should be included as the main choices. These are to be encouraged where possible and made available at all catered events and functions.

Examples of Green food and drinks are: Good Food

  • sandwiches on multigrain and wholemeal breads
  • wholegrain cereals
  • fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables
  • reduced or low-fat milk and yoghurt
  • vegetable frittatas
  • lean meat
  • roast chicken salads
  • fresh and frozen fish
  • eggs
  • plain unsalted nuts and seeds

Amber - choose carefully

Avoid offering large serves when catering for events.

Look for healthier choices among food and drinks in the Amber category. For example, provide plain un-iced fruit buns instead of iced buns or plain scones (with the jam and margarine served separately). Offer wholemeal and wholegrain foods to boost fibre intake, and order smaller serves where possible (such as mini muffins).

Examples of Amber food and drinks include: Choose Carefully

  • flavoured milk, yogurt, cheeses
  • processed meats such as lean ham and
  • pastrami in small amounts
  • chicken, fish or vegetable products
  • un-iced fruit buns, scones, fruit based
  • low fat muffins
  • salted nuts and seeds