Evaluate a reflective essay

Watch the video introducing reflective writing. Then complete the brief activity evaluating the student essay in terms of Gibbs’s reflective cycle.

The student essay considered in this tutorial reflected on learning that took place within an economics unit. Consider how the student has incorporated the elements of Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle that was discussed in the video, into their essay. (Keep in mind that because the student is reflecting  on learning, rather than an event, not all parts of the cycle need to be covered in a lot of detail.)

  1. Description – what happened?
  2. Feelings – what was the writer feeling?
  3. Evaluation - what did the writer think was positive or negative about the experience? What theories and ideas from the unit were relevant to the writer’s experience? Did the writer identify any elements as being particularly interesting or challenging?
  4. Analysis - how else did the writer interpret the situation? Did it challenge, affirm or change the writer’s understanding? How accurately will theories and ideas from the unit apply to real-life situations
  5. Conclusion - what else could the writer have done in the situation?
  6. Outcomes or Action – what did the writer learn? What would the writer do differently next time? How will the new knowledge accentuate the writer’s future work?