Linking talent and innovation to transform manufacturing

Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub (MSMH) is more than a building. It’s more than an idea or a collection of programs.

It’s your complete innovation ecosystem.

From idea testing to end-to-end automation, we get to know your needs and support your strategy to help you achieve your R&D goals.

To do this, we give you access to state-of-the-art labs, world-class academics, funding grants and Australia’s brightest STEM students.

Ready to expand your intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial ventures? With co-location, we’ve got the space – plus the tools, tech and talent – you’ve been searching for.

What’s on offer at MSMH?

  • Cross-faculty collaboration

    Discover and apply insights from leading academics in engineering, IT, science, pharmacy and beyond.

  • Industry-focussed doctoral program

    Our program is industry-relevant and industry-paced. As your needs change, so too will the student’s focus.

  • Your recruitment pipeline

    Get early access to the brightest students – and train them to become a perfect fit for your business.

  • Low-risk, high-reward investment

    Leverage smart technology to simulate costs and solutions – before investing in infrastructure.

  • New networks

    MSMH is a hive of activity where academia, industry and students come together to build the future of manufacturing.

The hub will foster

The Smart Manufacturing Hub will make it easier for new startups and entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the manufacturing industry. The hub will support them to build sustainable futures as they emerge as industry disruptors at the forefront of the next wave of manufacturing innovation and excellence in Australia.

To stay competitive into the future and adaptable to global disruptions, Australia requires an agile and efficient manufacturing industry backed by evolving technological innovation. The Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub offers an industry 4.0 testbed incorporating the latest in robotics, machine learning, digital technologies, bioprocessing and remote monitoring.

Our students count amongst the world’s most talented and ambitious future changemakers. Through our student team culture, Makerspace facility and Co-operative Education Program, our students actively imagine, design and build new technologies and systems that regularly rate amongst the world’s best, while working closely with industry to develop job-ready skills and respond to future workforce needs.

Our programs

Your innovation ecosystem

MSMH is the heart of the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster – Victoria’s largest employment hub outside the Melbourne CBD.

Bolstered by advanced education, health and research facilities, the cluster supports:

95,000 jobs

14,000 businesses

$9.4B annual contribution to the Victorian economy

16,000 future STEM graduates

The Hub will transform new ideas into new businesses and entrepreneurs via industry mentorship and key hub facilities.

Co-creation ecosystem

Monash’s Clayton Campus is an ecosystem of state-of-the-art research and development, world-class infrastructure and an endless pool of talent.

41,000 students

27 leading research and design facilities

$413.8M research revenue

Partner with us to embrace the future of manufacturing

In smart manufacturing, the physical and digital worlds aren’t merely connected. They’re entwined as one, to ignite innovation and fuel your business into the future.

Our co-creation ecosystem connects you with world-class researchers and students with a flair for problem-solving. Together, we’ll solve your manufacturing challenges and design state-of-the-art solutions.

We’ll help you lead the way in sustainable manufacturing with virtual prototypes and efficiency excellence and strengthen your local capabilities – so you can support your customers with confidence.

Manufacturing isn’t what it used to be. It’s integrated. It’s intelligent. And it’s what you make it. Ready to explore the possibilities?

A mutually beneficial partnership

At the MSMH, our talent is your talent.

You’ll benefit from our creativity, processes and research labs. Our students will gain the hands-on experience they need to excel as professional engineers.

Then, once you’ve worked with our students, we’re confident you’ll want to bring them into your team for the long-term. It’s your tailored recruitment pipeline.

Whether it’s through our industry doctoral program or embedded internships, we provide you with a low-risk environment to engage the next generation of engineers, scientists and technologists.

Join us on campus to access purpose-built infrastructure, like our Makerspace fabrication facility and Co-Lab collaboration space, and start achieving your R&D goals sooner.

Building on success

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